10k Training

Hello! I’m currently in my 2nd week of training for a 10k in March. I looked through different training plans online and settled on one I found on About.com. I chose a beginners plans because I have never raced a 10k distance before. I’ve ran 6 miles but seeing as this will be my first 10k race, I felt comfortable going with this plan.

Here’s the training plan if any of you want to give it a try: 10k_PDF

The spring is a great time to get some races in, and races certainly help with adhering to an exercise plan. When I’m training for a particular race, each day is an obstacle with a goal to be reached. I feel accomplished each and every day just by sticking to the plan. So get out and train for some races! Plus, races are fun and give you such a sense of accomplishment, which is always good 🙂



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